Create tutorials using any web content



Why Sidecar Learning?

Have a confusing form you need to teach users how to fill out?

Need to teach your users how to critically read an online news article?

Have a web page you need to teach students how to use?

Sidecar Learning allows you to teach using any web content. Any web page, any database, any online form or video can be used to create an online tutorial.


The Sidecar Advantage


save time using authentic materials

The rich content of the web is your content. Just pick a web page, add text, questions, and images and create a tutorial in minutes. Existing content means you’re teaching users to use the materials they encounter in their daily lives.

track user progress

Did your students finish your tutorial? Where did they get stuck? Did they understand the content of a news article they just read? Sidecar Learning allows you to track student usage and practice through a robust dashboard. Notifications mean you know when students completed a tutorial and how they did on a quiz.


Simple, intuitive design

Sidecar Learning was created on the idea that anyone should be able to create a rich tutorial with comprehension checks, quizzes, and interactivity in minutes. Sidecar Learning’s intuitive design means you spend your time creating tutorials not figuring out how to use the platform.

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