Why Sidecar Learning?

Sidecar Learning is built on evidence-based research in education and best practices in e-learning. Pedagogy and what works in e-learning drives the Sidecar Learning platform. With Sidecar Learning, students are engaged and motivated as they effectively learn. Learn more about our instruction principles below.



Sidecar Learning offers students high levels of interactivity which leads to better learning, engagement, and retention. With Sidecar Learning, students don’t learn how to use a web page by reading about it or by seeing a demo of it; they learn through practice and doing.

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Cognitive load

The split-attention effect occurs when learners must split their attention between two pieces of information presented physically or temporally apart. Sidecar Learning allows learners to focus their attention on one screen at a time leading to reduced cognitive load and better learning.

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Authentic Materials

Whether learning how to use a library database, how to fill out a form, or how to read an article critically, authentic materials allow students to work with the types of materials they will encounter in their daily lives. Sidecar Learning allows educators to guide students through the use of any authentic web content.

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Information literacy skills

Sidecar Learning was inspired by Guide on the Side, an award winning technology that has been used by hundreds of librarians to teach students how to use library databases, become better researchers, and develop digital literacy skills.

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