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We like to think Sidecar Learning is so easy to use that you won’t need any instructions. However, we have answered some basic functions of the platform here to get you started.

+ Getting Started

When you login to Sidecar Learning for the FIRST time, you will be automatically signed up as a Licensee. To create tutorials you will need to add yourself as an instructor.

  1. From the Sidecar Learning Homepage - Click Role Management
  2. Then select your user name
  3. Click Instructor
  4. Hit the Save button
  5. Click Home
  6. Use the gear icon to logout
  7. Now you can login back in
  8. You should now see Licensee & Instructor under your name
  9. Use the gear icon to switch to Instructor
  10. Click Create Tutorial

+ What are tutorial details?

The Tutorials Details page is the first step in creating your tutorial. Below are some explanations of the different elements of this page.

Tutorial Title: You can give your tutorial any title. Hint: Short, succinct titles work best.

Paste Starting Webpage: You will need to copy and paste the entire URL for the webpage you want to use. For example, if you want to teach students how to use the Library of Congress website, you would paste the entire URL -

Website preview pane: After you insert a URL, move on to the next box (Unique Tutorial URL). If you can see a website in the pane, your tutorial will be shown in one frame/window. Otherwise your tutorial will be shown in two separate windows.

Tutorial Description: You can add a brief description to your tutorial. This description will not appear anywhere. It is for your own reference.

Published Date:You can add a date of publication to your tutorial. This date will appear anywhere and is for your own reference. Adding a date is optional.

Tags/Subject: You can add keywords or tags for your own reference.

Select Courses: You can assign tutorials to specific courses. To do so, you will first need to create a course in the Course Management tab. You can also add students to specific courses. There is no limit to the number of students, courses, and tutorials you can add.

Login Required: If you would like students to login to the SCL platform, choose Yes. Otherwise, any user with the URL can take a tutorial.

Opt out of linked table of contents: A table of contents with links to different chapters in your tutorial will be included unless you opt out.

+ Can I Use Any Webpage?

Yes, you can use any webpage. This can be a commercial site, an article from a website, a database, or a video. If it has a URL, you can use it. If you are using a library database that is proxied, use the URL directly from your website. Users will then login as they normally would to access that database.

+ What Is the Website Preview Window?

Is your starting web page displayed in the window? Mark yesif you see a preview of the starting web page in the preview pane. If you can see a website in the pane, your tutorial will be shown in one frame/window. If you do not see a preview, your tutorial will be shown in two separate windows.

+ What Are Quiz Settings?

Practice Questions: You can add practice questions to any tutorial. These questions can be graded or ungraded. If logged in to SCL, users' final scores will be reported to a user’s account when Graded is chosen. If not logged in, users will see their final score, but it will not be reported.

Passing Score Requirement: If logged into SCL, students will need to meet a minimum requirement to receive a passing score. If you select Yes here, you will be prompted to enter a minimum passing score.

Final Quiz: SCL allows you the option of adding a final quiz to your tutorial.

Completion of tutorial required: If you select Yes, users will not be able to complete the final quiz until they finish the tutorial.

Passing score requirement: If logged into SCL, students will be required to achieve a minimum score to pass the final quiz. If not logged in, users will just see their final score.

*Notifications:Notifications are currently diabled. These will available in the next release.**

+ What is the Tutorial Content tab?

The tutorial content tab is the area where you create the content of your tutorial. There is no limit to how long your tutorial is or how many elements you include.

Add Chapter: You should first add a chapter and name it. Your chapter title will appear in the tutorial. However, the tutorial description will not appear and is optional.

Adding content: You can add text, questions, media, and page breaks by clicking on the corresponding content type and adding your content.

Final Quiz: You can add an optional final quiz to your tutorial. The final quiz can consist of any content type in addition to quiz questions. When you create a final quiz it will appear at the end of the tutorial. When users are logged in, scores will be reported for each user that completes the quiz. If users are not logged in, they will just a see a final quiz score.

+ How Can I Preview a Tutorial?

You can preview a tutorial as you create it. To do so, click Preview Tutorial. Your tutorial will be shown as your users will see it. To return to your tutorial, click the white X in the tutorial slide. If your tutorial opens in two windows, you will return to the SCL account page and not your tutorial.

+ What is the Tutorial Look & Feel?

You can customize your tutorial with a personal logo and any of the color schemes shown in the blocks. These changes will be seen in the banner of each slide.

+ How do I Edit a Tutorial?

Once you create a tutorial, you will need to access it in the Tutorial Management tab. Click on any tutorial to edit it, then click the green Edit button.

+ How do I Create a Course?

With SCL you can create courses and assign students and tutorials to those courses. First, select the Course Management tab. Click Create New Course. Add a course title and an optional description. To add a tutorial to a course, select the tutorial. Then select the course and click Assign Tutorial.

+ How do I add Users?

With SCL you can add users (learners). You can add users by importing them from a .csv file or by enrolling them individually. When you enroll a user, they will be notified via email.

Import Users: To import users, you will need a .csv file with last names, first names, and email addresses.

Enroll learners: To enroll users, add their first and last name, and eemail. Then, click Save.

Assign users to courses: To add users to a course, you first be in the learner management tab. Select the user, then select the course. Click Add Learner to Course at the bottom of the screen.

+ How do I Change the Look of All My Tutorials?

With SCL, you can choose how all your tutorials look. Any logo, color scheme, or chapter font you choose in the Tutorial Look & Feel tab will appear in all your tutorials.

+ How Do I Import a Tutorial?

To import a tutorial, go to the ‘Import Tutorials” section of the platform which is available in the Licensee, Org Administrator, and Instructor modules of the platform. Once there, simply click in the space below “Select Tutorial(s) Source and chose the location of where you will import the tutorials from. They need to be in .csv format.

+ How Do I Copy a Tutorial?

Simply select the Copy button in the Manage Tutorial section of the platform. You may rename the tutorial or leave as the standard “Copy of [TUTORIAL NAME]”

More FAQs

+ After a 30-day trial, will I have access to my tutorials?

Yes, if you subscribe to SCL at any level, you will have access to any tutorial you created during your trial period.